Pr. Mohamed


Is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical, Material Science and Manufacturing Engineering at the Arts et Métiers ParisTech.

He currently serves as Deputy General Director in Charge of Research & Innovation of Arts et Métiers ParisTech, France.

He also chaired the Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Research Group.



Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Acoustic Vibration Laboratory (LVA) at INSA Lyon. -         

Ex director of the mechanical engineering department Conception of the INSA Lyon (2009-2016) -         

Educational manager  Research Activities:

1 / Contribution to the search for models for calculating the acoustic radiation of structures: Simplified integral approach in the domain and frequency and time, Construction of the vibro-acoustic transfer function of a vibrating structure in its environment,

2 / Initiator of the topic of monitoring and diagnosis of mechanical defects of rotating machines by vibratory and acoustic analysis: use of acoustic imaging, sound perception, and extension to the optimization of machining procedures.

3 / Initiated in the LVA the theme of acoustic perception: Perceptual evaluation of acoustic computation models (perceptual influence of computational parameters), Implementation of acoustic preference models of various sound sources (noise of construction equipment, to inside vehicles,).


 Received Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from University or Reims, France in 2007.

Associate Professor in the Research Group in Engineer's Sciences - Université de Reims Champagne Ardenne.

His research interests include Dynamic Structure and Sport Engineering.

Main investigator and member in several national and international research activities. He has published nearly 70 technical papers on international peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

He is the member of editorial board of The Open Mechanical Engineering Journal and Vibration and he is associate editor of International Robotics & Automation Journal.

 Dr. Gabriel CLOITRE


Teacher-trainer at the Mediterranean Institute of Quality (since 1972) Creator of the laboratory of metrology in the Mediterranean institute of Quality at Toulon in 1982 Specialist in metrology, quality, applied statistics Trainer of Basic statistical DEMOS, introduction of picking in reception, effective management of metrology, ISO17025 for laboratories International expert for the establishment of dimensional metrology laboratories Expert with 2M industries Expert at the Cabinet of Metrology Expertise (CEM)

  Pr. Fakher CHAARI

  Is full Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the National School of Engineers of Sfax-Tunisia.

His personal research focuses on Machine and Structure dynamics, Vibroacoustic behavior of machines and structures.

He is the author of more than 40 peer reviewed journal articles and more than 30 national and international conference papers.

He chaired several conferences and edited proceedings of conferences. He is Co-editor of Springer Book Series "Applied Condition Monitoring".

He was also guest editor in special issues of Applied Acoustics, European Journal of Computational Mechanics and Mechanics and Industry journals.

He is general secretary of Tunisian Society of Industrial Acoustics and Vibration (ATAVI) and member of Tunisian Society of Mechanics (ATM) 

  Dr. Lanto Rasolofondraibe 

 Lecturer at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne since 1999, he is qualified to direct research (HDR) since 2010.

His research work focuses on

  1. The application of signal processing techniques to diagnosis machine rotating (parametric spectral analysis, wavelets, EMD).
  2. Dynamic classification of evolutionary data in the context of monitoring the mechanical components of a rotating machine and aging and / or dieback of vines
  3. Design and development capacitive sensors dedicated to the safety and monitoring of production machines
  4. The development of a capacitive coupling detection device dedicated to the safety of people (autonomous vehicles, cobots).

   Pr. Rabiaa KHELIF

  1. Professor at the University of Badji Mokhtar Annaba (UBMA), Algeria;
    Research Director; -  PhD in Mechanics (UBMA, Algeria);
  2. Doctorate University in Engineering Sciences (Blaise Pascal University- Clermont Ferrand,     France); - Quality auditor;
  3. Evaluation of several companies in the field of quality;
  4. Evaluation of several universities in the field of quality assurance (External Assessment);
  5. Quality Assurance Manager of UBMA; - Manager of Industrial Maintenance and Mechanical Reliability Master, UBMA;
  6. Coordinator of the Project of Support to Sector Policy for Higher Education and Scientific    Research (PAPS - ESRS), 2012-2018, UBMA;
  7. Chairman of the self-evaluation committee of Badji Mokhtar Annaba University;
  8. Chairman of the drafting committee of the Badji Mokhtar University (Annaba) Institution    Project;
  9. Member of the Commission Implementing a Quality Assurance System for Higher    Education in Algeria (CIAQES);
  10. Follow-up of several trainings in the field of quality assurance and evaluation of programs;
  11. Areas of expertise: Mechanical Engineering - Maintenance- Structural Reliability
  12. Quality   Management- statistical Process-Optimization- Metrology- Projects Management;Trainer and consultant in industrial companies especially in quality;
  13. He has successfully supervised to completion the work of 8PhD, 2 Magister and 48 MSc; - 24 papers in internationally renowned journals; - 88 international communications and 65 national communications; - Reviewer in several international journals;
  14. Participation in 18 PhD theses and habilitations.

Dr. Philippe PENIN


Intervenant dans différents programmes, en particulier dans différents pays d'Afrique (subsaharienne et Maghreb), dans le cadre de la norme ISO/CEI 17025 ou la norme ISO 17011.

The Conference Program is availibale her