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Last modified: 2017-10-02


When the Chemical Department was first opened in 1981, Brahim Djellouli was among the very first teachers who joined the Department. He had just been freshly graduated, as a young engineer, from the Polytechnic National School of Algiers.

There was only an Electrochemistry group present at that time. He was the first who introduced the Process Engineering to the department and thus became “Mister non electrochemistry courses”. He was always volunteering to give new courses and setting up very smart practical experiments despite the poor availability of the equipments at that time.

His thirst for knowledge and the need to go further in scientific understanding prompted him very quickly to apply for a grant to pursue Ph.D. studies. He was granted the financial support and joined the Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg in France. He began working on the very early stage of HDS at very high pressure. I had the honour and privilege of being a member of his PhD thesis jury where I discovered how interesting his thesis subject was. His Ph.D. results were largely used by members of the research team he was working with and led to the publication of many papers. Some industrial companies including Elf (currently TOTAL), ARKEMA, BP and SHELL were also interested in his results. He declined a proposal for a  research position made by the management of the Laboratory shortly  after he submitted his PhD.

I was told that this offer was made to him  not only because of  his skill and expertise but also for his Human Qualities. Indeed, during  all the years we worked together, I appreciated his  Generosity, Humility  and  Readiness to share  with others. He always seemed to have a permanent smile on his face.

After he finished his Ph.D. studies, he came back to resume his work at the Ferhat Abbas University of Setif in Algeria. He set up a research team which continued to work on his Ph.D. thesis results.  He then went on to create the Laboratory of Chemical Process Engineering and became its Head until he left us on the morning of December 1st , 2014.  Brahim died of a sudden and fatal heart stroke, while he was on his way to the university ...


Some words on the importance of the segment of the PhD works of Brahim DJELLOULI carried out before 1990. He was almost the first to realize experiment under such high pressure. He combined his talent of scientific but also engineer as he designed and constructed original high-pressure reactor!

Success of HDS's works and several European has contributed to a deep change in sulfur emission regulations that have decreased successively from 500 to 50 ppm between 1998 and 2005, reaching finally 10 ppm since the 1st January 2009 (European standards).