Abstract submission



1.  Prepare the abstract following the format indicated in the template. The easiest way is to download the abstract template and write the abstract on it.
Abstracts that do not follow the required format will be sent back to the author for correction

2.  Download and fill in also the abstract form. Copy it into a word document and fill in the required information

3.  Both the abstract and the form should be sent as attachments to an e-mail message, using the conference e-mail address (acrice2017@univ-setif.dz ).

4.  Send them as two attachments to the same message.
Name the files with the surname of the presenting author followed by “abstract” or by “form” respectively.
If you submit more than one abstract, number them progressively.

For instance, if a presenting author whose surname is Surname submits two abstracts, that author would call the files in the following way:

  • File with the first abstract Surname-abstract-1
  • Form for the first abstract Surname-form-1
  • File with the second abstract Surname-abstract-2
  • Form for the second abstract Surname-form-2