Academics and Pedagogical Support


The University of Sétif 1 - Ferhat Abbas accommodates over 42,000 students and enjoys an international reputation for attracting a considerable number of foreign students, estimated at 209 students from 21 different nationalities.

The University of Sétif 1-  Ferhat Abbas is committed to providing high-quality education in all three levels: Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degree programs, across various disciplines comprising 157 specializations. These specializations are distributed among 25 fields of study and 7 domains. It is worth noting that 6 new specializations have been added to engineering programs at the University of Sétif 1, prominent in the fields of Science and Technology, Civil Engineering, Process Engineering, Electrical Engineering, as well as Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. This expansion enhances the list of available specializations within this academic institution.

The university offers appropriate pedagogical and qualitative supervision, with more than 1500 faculty members of different ranks, and over 1300 employees and staff members (administrative, technical, and service personnel). It consists of 5 faculties and 3 institutes, namely:

In addition to the faculties and institutes, the university houses an incubator, an entrepreneurship hall, a center for language intensive teaching, a print and audiovisual center, a distance learning center, and a central library with a diverse, rich, and extensive collection of resources in various fields and disciplines in the three languages (Arabic, French, and English). Each faculty or institute also has its own library.

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