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The University of Sétif-1 Ferhat Abbas offers international students enrolled in its faculties and institutes, at all levels and fields of study, a "language support" in the form of specific language courses at the Center for Intensive Language Teaching (CEIL).

The courses offered are tailored to the specific needs of this group of students, taking into account their native language, the national language they already speak (often Arabic, French, or English), and the languages commonly used within the university and its immediate environment.

International students will be asked to fill out a detailed form to determine their language entry profile. Subsequently, they will be required to take a placement test in Arabic, French and English to assess their language proficiency and allocate them to homogeneous groups. They will then be offered appropriate teaching materials based on their language levels.

For further information, please feel free to contact the teaching staff at the CEIL, located at  El-Bez Campus, via theses contact options : 

Tel: (+213)

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Upcoming registration session is scheduled for the beginning of September 2023, so welcome!

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