Degree Programs offered by the University of Sétif 1 – Ferhat Abbas


The University of Sétif 1 - Ferhat Abbas provides a rich degree programs covering the entire spectrum of Science and Technology, Medical Sciences, Economics, Management, Commercial and Financial Sciences. Degree programs are organized in undergraduate and graduate studies as follows:

Bachelor’s Degree programs: 3 years/180 credits

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Master’s Degree programs: 2 years/120 credits

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Engineer’s degree programs:  5 years

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Doctoral degree programs: 3 year/ 180 credits

 Automation, Electronics, Electrical engineering, Process Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Optics And Precision Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Biological Sciences, Architecture.


Degree Programs in Medical Sciences:

Doctor of Medicine - 7 years

Doctor of Pharmacy - 6 years

Doctor of Dental Medicine - 6 years

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