The intensive teaching language center mainly called (CEIL) is a part of the different services of the university attached to the Secretary General. It is housed at the ancient campus of the University of Ferhat Abbas, Setif 1.


Objective and tasks:
As part of the promotion of scientific research on open technology , the Intensive Language Teaching Centre is responsible for:

  • Providing language instruction to remedy the failure rate observed in the first year students of higher education, which is the first mission for the CEIL .
  • Providing technological support during learning, development of recycling foreign students and individuals ​​in order to improve their level and also to meet their needs for research.     - Providing training for the economic sectors and other corporation (medicine and lawyers) in order to provide training in foreign language short against remuneration.
  • Providing academic space for adults who want to learn and grow in a language is for scientific, professional, or simply taste.
    Who is concerned?

People concerned are: 

  • Students in undergraduate and post graduate studding.
  • University professors.
  • Other professionals

Among the most important objectives of this center is to enable learners to acquire:

  • Proper pronunciation in the language of study.
  • Listening, reading and writing in the language of study (oral and written) or even control the fundamental rules of basic grammar and syntax.

The center involves several modern teaching methods:

  • Communication skills (eg grammar in the context of communication).
  • Exercises based on the use of the computer or the video.
  • Discussions and presentations on various topics: economic, cultural, social, technical....